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Mobile Device Management Solutions

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Mobile Device Management Solutions Mobile Device Management Solutions is just one of the areas of Mobility that covers. We will be adding more Mobile topics as interest grows. Our coverage of Mobile Device Management solutions centers around addressing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend in the workplace.  We look at scalable MDM and MAM solutions that provide enterprise mobility. Solutions that help IT departments of all sizes secure corporate data, control support costs, and automate ongoing tasks such as tracking assets, configuring apps, and distributing data.  And of course we evaluate different offerings and provide feedback on what we think is the best overall solution. Why all the fuss?…Here’s why:

*There are close to 1.2 billion (yes billion) mobile workers worldwide

*75% of all U.S. workers are mobile

*36% of mobile workers have either lost a phone or had one stolen

Yet few organizations devote adequate attention to mobile security.  For a free report and to learn more about What is Mobile Device Management.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Our Mobile Business Intelligence content focuses on the Mobile analytical needs of businesses of all sizes.  Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI) is constantly changing and companies need to stay on top of it all.  Learn more about Mobile Business Intelligence.

Mobile Marketing

As far as Mobile Marketing is concerned, our definition includes Mobile Web Sites, SMS / Text Marketing and Mobile Apps for the B2B market and Local businesses.  We review the different programs, courses, products, etc. to let people know what is working and what isn’t   It’s as simple as that.  Learn more about Mobile Marketing.

This site is dedicated to providing an area where people can participate in current Mobile topics while researching the latest trends in Mobile Device Management Solutions, Mobile Business Intelligence, and Mobile Marketing.