Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Agency

Richard asks…

What Job Can U Get With Ad & Marketing Degree?

I’m thinking about doing advertising and marketing in uni…I was wondering what job/s can I get with this degree??…and is it difficult to find a career in it?

p.s answers from experience would be great

Contributor via RSS answers:

An advertising or marketing degree will give you plenty of choices one your graduate. You could work at a Marketing company where you can do anything from sales to research. An advertising agency where you choices range from media planning and buying to account services. You can also work for a company directly (what the biz calls the “client side”) in a marketing department.

I would try and focus on the digital space (mobile, internet, social media) as much as possible because that’s where all the growth is and where most of the jobs are going to be.

To get a better idea of whats out there just log on to hotjobs or careerbuilder and search for jobs in your area or areas you would like to live and see whats posted. You can also read job descriptions and find out what you would like to work toward..

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Companies

Jenny asks…

Do mobile phone tracking programs really work?

I’m concerned that someone may be tracking my location with some new tracking program. Is there such a device on the market in Australia? How do they work?

Contributor via RSS answers:

Ya there r mobile tracking software. But they are only available for mobile companies or some of the great hackers.

What all available on internet or is fake n nothing else.

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Agency

Maria asks…

Who’s responsibility is it to come up with the quantities for any given Out of Home media buy in an Agency?

Contributor via RSS answers:

Alternative out-of-home media spending surged 27.0% to $1.69 billion in 2006 and is projected to grow 27.7% in 2007 as brand marketers seek more effective ways to engage mobile consumers during their daily routines, according to the PQ Media “Alternative Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2007-2011″ reports (via MarketingCharts).

Alternative out-of-home advertising is one of the fastest-growing media segments, expanding at double-digit rates every year from 2001 to 2006, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.6% for the period, according to PQ Media.

Alternative out-of-home media refers to the use of innovative technology and concepts, such as video advertising networks and digital billboards, to connect with more elusive consumers in captive environments, including retail, transit, cinema and office locations.

The overall advertising industry expanded 6.4% in 2006, whereas total out-of-home advertising increased 10.6%, assisted by the 27.0% growth in alternative out-of-home media, according to the report.

Spending growth in each of the three segments of alternative out-of-home media – video advertising networks & screens, digital billboards & displays, and ambient advertising – accelerated in 2006, PQ Media found.

Video advertising networks is the largest segment, accounting for some 60% of total spending. Spending on video advertising networks & screens grew 28.0% in 2006 to $1.01 billion, with high double-digit growth in all four markets: in-theater, in-office, in-store and in-transit, according to the PQ Media report.

Digital billboards & displays is the fastest-growing segment; spending soared 55.4% in 2006 to $233.2 million. Each of the four markets – at-road, at-retail, at-transit and at-events – expanded at accelerated rates.

The alternative ambient advertising segment, also called place-based media, increased 14.1% in 2006 to $446.4 million.

“Ironically, the trends impeding traditional media – consumer fragmentation and control, advertising accountability and the emergence of digital technology – are the very catalysts stimulating the tremendous growth in alternative out-of-home advertising,” said Patrick Quinn, President and CEO of PQ Media. “Unlike its mass media peers, alternative out-of-home advertising is impervious to channel or web surfing and is immune to audience fragmentation.”

“Americans spend twice as much time outside their homes and workplaces today than they did just a few decades ago. As a result, the ability to reach target audiences in attentive venues through non-intrusive media has become very important,” Quinn said.

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Agency

Charles asks…

Best time and place to rent a car?

I’m planning a 3-4 trip to Orlando near the end of September and not really savvy as to when or where to go to rent a car. I usually do the whole last-minute mad-dash a day or 2 before and end up paying a pretty penny. any help is appreciated

Contributor via RSS answers:

A car rental or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time (generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks) for a fee. It is an elaborate form of a rental shop, often organized with numerous local branches (which allow a user to return a vehicle to a different location), and primarily located near airports or busy city areas and often complemented by a website allowing online reservations.

Car rental agencies primarily serve people who have a car that is temporarily out of reach or out of service, for example travellers who are out of town or owners of damaged or destroyed vehicles who are awaiting repair or insurance compensation. Because of the variety of sizes of their vehicles, car rental agencies may also serve the self-moving industry needs, by renting vans or trucks, and in certain markets other types of vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters may also be offered.

Alongside the basic rental of a vehicle, car rental agencies typically also offer extra products such as insurance, global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation systems, entertainment systems, and even such things as mobile phones.

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Companies

Lizzie asks…

What is the best cell phone company for an iphone?


I am planning to get an iphone and I do not know which company charges cheapest.
What is the best cell phone company for an iphone? AT&T, T-mobile, or Verizon?
I need information and facts not just rumors you heard. Thank you very much.
Good day.

Contributor via RSS answers:

Yeah AT&T is the only service provider currently supporting the iPhone. They have the exclusive deal.

Other companies as well as customers aren’t too happy about the fact that you can’t remove the battery from the iPhone without having it serviced. There have been rumors of Verizon getting a deal with Apple also but they will not support any devices that prohibit access to the battery.

Unfortunately AT&T’s service is terrible in many areas when compared to other networks. Mainly Verizon and Sprint. If you’re dead set on an iPhone then I would recommend that you stick to AT&T’s service.

While you could always have the phone unlocked, you run the risk of losing important features when used on other networks.

There are other phones out on the market now that are much better than the iPhone. If you’re open minded, think about checking out some of HTC’s products as well as Samsung. They’ve got some pretty slick phones with all of the features that you’re going to get with Apple and then some. Plus you’ve got a choice with your service provider.

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Agency

Mandy asks…

What is the economic activity of Bangladesh?

please answer it my homework!!!!!!!!!
u just copyed that from a website!!!!its not even real!!!!

Contributor via RSS answers:

I got the following from ADB (Asian Development Bank) Report:

Partial Quote:

The economic performance in the first half of FY2009 held up well with a pick up in domestic economic activity and robust growth in exports and remittances. Continued growth in readymade garment production, together with improvements in business confidence and recovery in housing and construction, stimulated industrial activity in the first quarter of FY2009.

Falling prices of construction materials and a rise in demand for real estate because of the growth in bank credit and higher remittances helped to revive the construction subsector.

Services, especially wholesale and retail trade and transport and telecommunications, also performed well in the first quarter of FY2009.

Rapid growth in the mobile phone market and a growing number of healthcare service providers are contributing to robust service sector growth.

The continued expansion in agriculture and industry is also likely to have a positive impact on services sector growth.

Exports grew by 27% through November 2008 and remittances by 31% through December 2008, over the corresponding periods of the previous fiscal year.

Before the onset of the global financial crisis, a 6.5% growth target for FY2009 appeared attainable. With the financial crisis in the advanced economies unfolding and recession setting in, a growth rate of 5.8% seems more likely in FY2009.

Industrial growth is expected to moderate to 6.7% from 6.9% in FY2008 as production for exports begins to slow in the second half of the fiscal year with cooling global demand.

Deceleration in remittance growth will also dampen domestic demand. Services growth will slow to 6.2%, down from 6.7% in FY2008, due to lower activities in the export sector and declines in consumption spending induced by lower income and moderation in remittance growth.

Agriculture is expected to perform well, aided by favorable weather conditions, expansion of cultivable land, and various government support programs. Overall, agriculture is expected to grow at 4.0%, up from 3.6% in FY2008.

Inflation moved steadily downward as the second quarter of FY2009 unfolded, sliding from 10.2% year-on-year in September to 7.3% in October and then further to 6.1% in November. The rapid decline in international commodity prices and improved domestic food supplies are the main factors pushing inflation lower. The decline in food inflation was steeper than that for nonfood inflation.

The cut in the domestic administered price of oil in October and December 2008, after an increase in July, also helped to ease pressures. Oil prices are expected to be cut further in the second half of the fiscal year as international prices remain weak. Inflation is projected at about 7.5% for the year as a whole, down from 9.9% in FY2008.

The key challenges for the new Government over the longer term will be to raise infrastructure investment and government revenue mobilization, accelerate Annual Development Program implementation, address deficiencies in institutional capacities in key line agencies, and create more jobs. Addressing power and gas shortages will be critical to encourage private investment to enhance longer-term growth prospects. Confrontational politics, if it reappears with the restoration of democracy, will also slow down economic activity.

This note is an update of the political and economic situation in Bangladesh provided in the information paper (IN.302-08) of 2 October 2008.

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Companies

Donna asks…

Is the mobile handset manufacturing industry in India perfectly competitive?

If not then what kind of a market is it?

Contributor via RSS answers:

Whether it is competitive or not is a different question But certainly the Company manufacturing the hand set is more reliable and trustworthy. People will go for the sets and will be assured of proper Service after sales.

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Companies

Maria asks…

What type of company should I setup for developing mobile apps ?

I want to set up a company for developing mobile apps for android, ios etc with my friends.
I am UNDER 18. Indian.
I don’t want to spend a lot of money.
What type of small business company should I set up ?
I am in same situation as the author of Bubble Ball and Nay Games But I am an Indian.
Please help me.

Contributor via RSS answers:

Being an Indian I did not like the word “But” before “I am an Indian”.

You have very bright opportunities as software developer and Indian, let me tell you how:

Android development is in demand these day and India is a very big market. You can work in two different style either you ask different companies to get you some work(Which is really easy) or read the human mind and think what do they need next, Once you are sure of that you can develop that app and throw it in the market….either you can sell it on market place(Example) or you can provide it free and once you know that its being downloaded frequently than get the companies who all would like to promote on your app.

Hope this will help ….And proud to be an Indian !!!

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Agency

Michael asks…

Mobile app marketing agency?

Do you know any one agence for Android mobile app marketing?

Contributor via RSS answers:

Now-a-days, mobile apps are what websites were 10 years ago. I know you can search on google about app marketing agency but is Mobile App Marketing Agency for Android & iOS Apps. It will provides the best useful information about app marketing for Android and iOS Apps.

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Your Questions About Mobile Marketing Agency

Mandy asks…

my wife suggests me to have vasectomy,can you give me a answer about the opportunity?

i am afraid if i did then it will affect my sex,can you help me to analysis the outcome.

Contributor via RSS answers:

The first cut is the deepest – Vasectomy.
See more on my blog at

I am not going to go on about how dysfunctional my marriage was. I do have one illustrative tale to tell though. Of course, at the time this did not seem too indicative, however hindsight is 20/20. What do you think? Should I have seen things coming? Tell me in the comments.

So, she talks me into having a vasectomy. I could make the usual joke about first having to wait for them to invent a knife big enough, but lets cut straight to the point, as it were. The doctor, an Iranian fellow named Ali Achbar Hazim, seemed nice enough, which l was pleased about. I like to have confidence in anyone getting that intimate with my genitals, particularly if the process involves cold steel.

He sits me down and whips out this enormous scimitar, whirls it around his head like a character in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and then starts laughing, and says ‘just kidding….’. Ok, he didn’t actually do that, but when your dick is hanging out and he picks up a scalpel it seems that way.

Anyway, he gets down to it, while chatting away. It turns out he was in Sudan about the time I was. He was on the government side, in the war and I was on the rebel side in the south. Those buggers bombed us every morning, regular as clockwork. This was not a good thing to learn about the man with the blade between my legs.

Anyway, he does his stuff. It wasn’t so much painful as uncomfortable. You’ve probably seen movies of guys cutting their way through dense bush with machetes. Well, it was hardly like that at all.

Now, you can learn alot from my blog. (And todays lesson is this. Don’t ride a motorcycle home after a vasectomy.

I remember taking a day off, and then heading back to work. One day should be enough, shouldn’t it? Well, apparently not…

I worked at an advertising agency at the time. It was alot of fun, and I worked with some good people.

I remember that day wearing some particularly flamboyant white trousers. I was getting a coffee when the President of the agency, Angela (a dominating 6 foot 3 beautiful 45 year old), started chatting to me. I always found her quite intimidating. A sort of over achieving highly effective Barbie doll. Angela was being very friendly, which was quite disconcerting. I’m not usually lost for words but with Angela I often lost the power of speech entirely. This is a male defense mechanism to prevent extreme embarrassment.

She might ask what the psyte profile of a specific market segment was, and I was terrified I’d reply, ‘they’re a 27 to 34 upwardly mobile group of first time home owners whose nipples are not as prominent as yours, and whose breasts are not as perky.’

Being around her fed my secret fantasy of fucking her – though with Angela, make no mistake if there was any fucking going on she’d be the one fucking you.

I was about to reply when the first twinge hit me. I lost all words as I felt the cold skeletal hand of death reach out, cup my balls, then take hold of then and give them an almighty squeeze. Just in case you are wondering, this is not a good thing. It has no sexual upside at all.

I muttered something and turned away doubled over in pain. Angela looked alarmed and asked if I was alright. A moment later the pain passed. I said I was fine, wanting to add that it was only a flesh wound like some character in a film who then picks up his recently blown off arm. Instead I scurried off to my office feeling increasingly alarmed.

As I got to my desk I noticed blood on my trousers. It was spreading alarmingly. There was a lot of it and against the white cotton it looked most dramatic.

I called my wife immediately. “Darling, can you come to the office and drive me home. I feel dreadful and I’m bleeding.”

“Not a chance.”

Hmmm… Not, “Are you ok?” Not, “What’s the trouble, honey?” Just, “Not a chance.”

I should have seen something important here. A telltale warning.

Apparently she had to come into the city anyway to interview someone for the paper she worked on. That was more important than I was.

I glanced down and noticed the blood spreading. My wife eventually agreed to meet me after she’d done her interview. I only had to wait 2 and a half hours and walk a dozen city blocks to find her.

The spreading crimson stain was taking over my trousers. I was hemorrhaging badly, and it was all too evident from the white trousers. I grabbed my raincoat and began to leave the office. As I walked across the reception area, Angela fell in step behind me.

“Are you alright?”

“Fine – just stepping out for a while…”

“I see… Why are you bent over like that?” she asked with a puzzled look.

“Nothing. Just a little stomach flu, I think.”

“I see. See you later then.”

I made my way to the elevator and out onto the street. Another wave of pain swept over me, and it took me nearly half an hour to get to the location I knew my wife would be at for the interview. It was a local hotel, very high end and exclusive. So much so that having a guy with a mac clutched to his stomach waiting for an hour in reception stuck out like a sore thumb. Nonetheless I waited until my wife came through the door, and then I asked her for the car keys. I’d wait in the car.

She was oblivious to the fact I was pale, shaking and generally looking like I was ready for the slab.

I found the car and waited. I waited some more, and then some more still. I was by now sitting in a warm wet pool of blood. Then I made one of the more stupid decisions of my life and decided to drive home.

I weaved dangerously along the hiway. At this point I was no longer thinking straight. I know that now as I actually drove past one hospital.

Feeling giddy I pulled over to the side of the road. The car following me pulled over, and the driver stepped out to see what was the matter with me. I must have been weaving.

He walked to my door, took one look at the spreading blood and said, ‘oh my god, what have you done to yourself!’

He then turned and ran back to his car and drove away as quickly as he could. Not much of a good Samaritan.

I arrived home about ten minutes later and staggered from the car. I was clearly unable to go on to the hospital. Instead, I called a South African friend of mine. You can always rely on a South African.

She came over right away. I sat at the foot of the stairs indoors waiting for her. The door opened, she stepped inside – followed by her two children and my two. I’d completely forgotten she had the kids.

‘Look the other way, children!’ she said and hurried me to her Mercedes. Those white leather seats wouldn’t be white much longer.

As we arrived at the front desk of the Emergency Department I was surprised and happy to see my good friend Dr. Ali Achbar Hazim. Well, they were not my exact emotions. Anyway, it turned out it was his day in Emergency.

He took one look at me and hustled me through to a bed. I grew a little anxious as a gaggle of young student nurses crowded around to watch. My genitals hadn’t been exposed to so much attention since a rather lurid group sex fantasy I’d imagined in 1996.

One nurse removed my trousers, while another injected something in my arm. I relaxed a little. Alot actually. I watched but couldn’t move much.

I should add at this point that as a child I’d experienced nosebleeds. In those far of days of primitive medicine if this became a persistent problem the doctor would cauterize the vein by touching it with a red hot chemical burn – something that looked a little like a josstick. It smelled of sulphur and hurt like hell.

As I lay there, my legs indelicately raised, I recalled this. I wondered why, in my drug induced stupor, and then got a distinct whif of sulphur.

I have learned to judge situations I have little knowledge of, by gauging the reactions of others more knowledgeable than myself. Judging by the look of horror on the faces of the student nurses, something very horrible was about to happen.

I struggled to pull away, but my body wouldn’t move. Ali Achbar Hazzim approached, two smouldering jossticks in his hands.

“That looks like…” I couldn’t form the words. I wont forget the sight of rising smoke coming from my genitals. Ever. The horror I felt was mirrored on the faces of the young nursing students that watched.

Later my friend drove me home. The drugs were still coursing through my system. I remember little that followed for the next 24 hours.

Only one image enduringly remains. My wife seeing me stagger in, and saying “Where the hell have you been? Why did you take the car, you selfish bastard!”


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